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While a tight home envelope is important to protecting your home’s energy efficiency, sometimes the home envelope can be too tight, and this can cause problems as well. In the attic, in particular, fresh air is needed to prevent moisture buildup and ice problems. Attic ventilation is important to ensure you have enough fresh air circulating through your attic to protect your roof and your home. B&T Services offers expert attic ventilation inspection and services. Our approach ensures that your home maintains the right balance between being energy-efficient and having proper airflow, safeguarding your home’s comfort and structural health.

If you suspect that your attic ventilation needs to be adjusted, reach out to the Pittsboro and Triangle area experts. You can call us at 919-362-5846 or contact us online for more information about attic ventilation services. Adding vents to your attic – both intake and exhaust – is key to keeping your attic free from moisture and your energy bills down. Intake vents are most typically installed under the eaves of your roof to bring cool air inside, and exhaust vents are placed at the highest point of your roof to expel rising heat.

Advantages of Attic Fans & Ventilation

  • Extend the life of your roof
    If the entire attic of your house heats up, the underlayment that is under the shingles of your roof can heat up as well. This will result in the destruction of your roof’s foundation. An attic fan repair or installation in the Triangle area can avoid this from happening.
  • Keep it cool in the summer
    The temperature of your attic can rise to 160 degrees or more. The heat build-up will raise the temperature in your home and increase your energy consumption. Save money on your utility bills and have your attic fan repaired by our specialist.
  • Keep it dry in the winter
    Making sure fresh air can circulate in cold weather may feel like a contradiction, but a sealed attic can cause moisture on your roof in the winter to melt and refreeze, creating the potential for ice dams that produce roof damage and leaking inside your home. Intake and exhaust vents eliminate these concerns.

Save 15%

on any Attic Fan & Ventilation Installation over $500!

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Reduce your air conditioning expenses!

An attic fan can reduce the temperature in your attic and has a direct effect to your air conditioning expenses. Attic fans are proven to reduce the cooling expenses of homes by up to 30%.

Use a Certified Electrician to Install Your Attic Fan

You should only use the services of a certified electrician to install a attic fan. First of all, they can determine if your home’s power supply is adequate. Secondly, they will check to see that you have the proper wiring that can supply the required voltage for the fan. This will prevent any power surge problems after installation.

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Technicians who Offer Prompt Service

Work with a B&T electrician and select the right attic ventilation solution for your home or business and get it professionally installed. We provide expert attic fan installation services in the Triangle area just for you, our valued customers. Call us today at 919-362-5846 or schedule your ceiling fan installation online.

Have you thought about an emergency generator?

When you’re wiring or rewiring is a great time to consider adding one –or planning to add one–  to your home. Ask your B&T technician to learn more!

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